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Advertising of your car in Europe will be ensured by our German car showroom, you will have the opportunity to quickly and successfully sell your car on the international market. The company VMOBILE.LV is one of the branches of the largest German multi-brand car sales company Emotus GmbH in the Baltic States.

The annual turnover of the company group in Europe exceeds 100 million euros. We offer our customers in the Baltics a unique opportunity to conduct transactions for the sale of new or used cars in the largest European market – Germany and Western Europe – without intermediaries.

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Using our services, you have a great opportunity to sell your car immediately - VMOBILE provides a fast and very convenient process of buying your vehicle. Your benefit: you will get paid for your car immediately!

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Use your car as a first installment on a new car

We offer our customers a valuable opportunity – if you want to buy a new vehicle with the help of our company, you can use your existing car as a first installment.

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Sell a car with distance trading options

Thanks to the VMOBILE car sales service and our head office in Germany, you will have the opportunity to quickly and successfully sell your car on the international market without a chain of intermediaries.

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Advantages of our offer

We evaluate your car and prepare its portfolio at no additional cost.

We place information on the largest trading platforms in Europe at no additional cost.

We arrange a car inspection and present the car to potential buyers at no additional cost.

We draw-up all the necessary documents for the sale at no additional cost.

We ensure the security and transparency of the transactions at no additional cost.

You continue to use your car for the duration of the virtual commission.

We organize transportation of the sold car to the buyer at no additional cost.

Payment for our services – only after successful transaction completion!

Professional sale of your car throughout Europe and the world

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