Protect yourself and others against damages caused by road traffic accidents

Read brief overview of mandatory and voluntary car insurance.


MTPL (OCTA) is the mandatiry liability insurance for the owner of a land vehicle. It is mandatory for all motorized vehicles that participate in road traffic. OCTA covers damages caused to another person, their vehicle, property, environment, life and health as a result of a road traffic accident.
MTPL insurance is mandatory for every car owner or keeper. A penalty of 85 to 114 Euros is provided for participating in road traffic without an insurance policy, as well as 2 penalty points.
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The advantage of the MTPL calculator is the quick and easy purchase of an MTPL policy. In the MTPL calculator, we offer to compare offers and prices of several insurance companies. Once you have chosen the best MTPL insurance policy for you, you can buy it right now.

Buying a policy will only take a few minutes.

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CASCO insurance is a voluntary land vehicle insurance that covers losses incurred in the event of vehicle damage, robbery or theft.
Unlike MTPL, which does not cover your losses if you are at fault in a traffic accident, CASKO is a type of insurance designed for your peace of mind.
In addition, when buying a car on lease, CASCO insurance is a mandatory requirement of lessors.

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