More and more people who wish to buy a new or nearly new car choose lease financing. There are several options for purchasing a new or pre-owned car, namely: a financial lease or a bank loan.

When choosing a financial lease, you make the down payment and pay the remaining value of the car together with interest during the period of the lease. Thus, at the end of the leasing period and after making of all payments, the car becomes your property.

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Using this form, you can calculate the approximate monthly payment when you purchase a car on financial lease


OCTA (MTPL) is compulsory civil liability insurance of owners of motor vehicles. It is mandatory for all motorized vehicles participating in road traffic. OCTA covers damage caused to a third party or their vehicle, property, environment, life and health as a result of a traffic accident.

OCTA insurance is mandatory for every owner or user of a car. A penalty ranging from EUR 85 to EUR 114 and 2 penalty points are given for participation in traffic without insurance.



The advantage of the OCTA calculator is the possibility to buy an OCTA insurance policy quickly and easily. Using the OCTA calculator, you can compare several offers of insurance companies and their prices. Select the most advantageous OCTA insurance policy and buy it right here on the website. Buying a policy takes only a few minutes.


CASCO insurance is voluntary insurance of motorized vehicles that covers losses incurred in the event of vehicle damage, theft or burglary.

Unlike the policy of compulsory civil liability insurance (OCTA), which does not cover your losses if you are the guilty party in a road traffic accident, CASCO is a kind of insurance for your peace of mind. Furthermore, when you buy a car on lease, holding the CASCO insurance is a mandatory requirement of the leasing company.